Come celebrate Michigander 25!

You are formally invited to join us on the special 25th anniversary edition of the historic, scenic, rail trail-based Michigander Bike Tour, which will rock and roll through beautiful West Michigan July 16-23, 2016. Save the dates! Registration for the ride is now open and will continue through June 30, 2016. For more information or to register, log on to:

PHOTO ABOVE: The Biker Babes (and Dudes), resplendent in their finest cycling apparel, celebrate their completion of the 2010 Michigander in Indian River with Mr. Finish Line himself, Sam “Pit Bull” Kennedy. The irrepressible BBaD’s tradition of rolling under the yellow banner in a variety of outrageous costumes every year is one of the ‘Gander’s most highly-anticipated closing spectacles. PHOTO BY RON CAMPBELL

UPDATE, JULY 2017: My mother, Gwyneth Rose Campbell, passed away two days before the 2016 Michigander began, so I had to miss riding and writing about the ride last year. But she would be pleased to know that I am back in the saddle and back at the keyboard for the 2017 Michigander. She always got a kick out of my stories about the tour and its colorful riders, so my articles about the 26th annual Michigander are dedicated to her memory.

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